Publications & Presentations


Blanchett H, Powis C, Webb J. A Guide to Teaching Information Literacy: 101 Practical Tips. London: Facet, 2011.

Series Editor for the Practical Tips for Library and Information Professionals Series, Facet Publishing.


Conroy H. Skills for the information age. Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education 2007, 11(1), 18-24.

Selected Presentations

OER11, 11th May 2011 “Moving Towards a Culture of Digital Professionalism to encourage involvement in open educational resources” as part of the MEDEV Symposium “Stars and fast cars: walking the red carpet of good practice with OERs in health and social care”.

SEDA Spring Teaching & Learning Conference, 6th May 2011¬†“Developing Impact: Supporting Business and Community Engagement Skills for Academics”

LILAC 2008 “Beyond the Library: i-Skills for University Administration”

Umbrella 2007 “Teachers, Trainers, Educators, Enablers: what skills do we need and where do we get them?” Helen Conroy & Debbi Boden, Joint PTEG / CSG Information Literacy Group

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