Practical Tips for Library & Information Professionals Series

I am the editor of the Practical Tips for Library & Information Professionals series from Facet Publishing.  Books in the series so far are:

Series Description:

This series provides a set of practical guides for the busy professional in need of inspiration. Sourced from experienced library and information practitioners, grounded in theory, yet not overwhelmed by it, the information in these guides will tell you what you need to know to make a quick impact in a range of topical areas of professional interest.

Each book takes a tips-based approach to introduce best-practice ideas and encourage adaptation and innovation. The following unique format is employed for every tip:

 Overview of activity/tip– a clear outline of the tip or activity proposed
  • Best for – the context where this tip is best applied
  • More– examples of how the tip or activity can be adapted, both to provide alternatives and spark inspiration
  • Watch out– practical advice on pitfalls that can happen when using the approach outlined
  • References– identifying the research that underpins the practice.

Series readership:

Experienced library and information professionals looking for new ideas and inspiration, as well as new professionals wanting to tap into the experience of others and students and educators interested in how theory is put into practice.

Interested in writing for the series?

If you have a clear, concise writing style along with a practical approach to issues, please get in touch to discuss your ideas.


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