CPD23 Thing 2 – the ongoing thing

I’m already way behind but I’ve made a promise to myself that I won’t give up despite falling behind. I’ll be like that man who did the London Marathon in a diving suit who finished days later.

Thing 2 is to explore other CPD23 blogs and comment on them. I have looked at the list on delicious and it’s great to see such a long list. I dipped into quite a few blogs and plan to keep dipping in throughout the time I’m doing CPD23.

It’s great to see such a mix of people following CPD23, both new and established professionals, individuals and teams, all from a range of sectors and countries. I’m quite keen to see international viewpoints so will make an effort to seek out librarians overseas. I do like the latest posts feed that appears on the CPD23 blog so I’ll keep an eye on that too.

I hope to include reflections on other people’s blogs as part of my posts (why not make more work for myself!). I liked DeweyDecibelle’s observation that librarians are a curious bunch – “(‘Curious’ in the sense of discovery, not curious-weird. Though the latter is also applicable.) Well, sometimes ‘curious’ can be a euphemism for nosy.” 

I think this sums up how I ended up as a librarian!

UPDATE – Unfortunately I was far too optimistic thinking I could keep up with CPD23 while on maternity leave… it doesn’t look like it’s running again this year but I may still dip into the posts anyway!

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